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Wellness Consultation





Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Wellness consultation

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Aquarian Healing

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Peer Support at Reflexable

Peer Support

Wellness consultation

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Are you confused by the care/ health advice you have received?

Do you want guidance on what tool or therapy to invest in?

Are you seeing someone time after time with no tangible outcome?

Whether it is a specific aspect you want to work on, or you want me to be part of your regular maintenance regime, my approach is flexible.

I may only see you for one visit, and you will walk out of here with a strategy of where to next.

I am passionate about saving you time and money on your well-being, and feeling better for having come to see me.

Relaxation is the underlying principle to any treatment session.

There is much to be gained from just being, and having a space to do so. The consultations will cover what your self-care looks like and what relaxation may be beneficial to add.

Recommendations and referrals are a huge part of my work.

I am connected to health professionals and health businesses who are heart-centred, and I may suggest you see, as a priority over me.

Do you…

Want some help maximising your own resources.

Value compassion, empathy and non-judgement .

Just want a massage?

This is the most common request. I can happily recommend someone else if ‘you just want a massage’ as I am more about building wellness partnerships.
There is often a waitlist but gaps appear frequently as appointments change. Get in touch if you are keen to see me sooner than you can find a spot.
I regularly see a small number of people at no cost in particular if mental health is a barrier to employment. Please email me and outline your situation and why you would like to work with me. Please note this is a very limited opportunity and a will to shift from where you are, makes a huge difference, even if the pathway is not clear.

I am motivated to provide a quality service for your higher good, informing you of possibilities and choices available in the health matrix. I am working with and for you.



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Wellness Packages

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