Hi! I am Shell Withers

Shell Withers of Reflexable

My love affair with reflexology began over 20 years ago in Wellington.

I went looking for something to give me balance due to working, at times, up to 70 hours a week. Massage was the gateway to greater therapies, and reflexology and reiki became central to my regular self-care. Taking the time out to relax, led me to address much needed changes in my life, on all levels. I got off the mouse wheel in 2005, and began full time training in the therapies I had gained so much benefit from. It was time to start living a healthy, happy, authentic life.

I have trained in a number of complementary therapies and have been involved in mental health locally for around 15 years.

I value the knowledge I have gained in having worked for several NGOs in Christchurch, including being a trainer in Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) and Intentional Peer Support. I have facilitated and presented mental health workshops for postgraduates, and peers.I have been part of an advisory team for a number of years that comments on Clinical Research for Psychological Medicine locally. I also teach each year to Year 13 Health Science students locally around complementary therapies. I am involved in and support the facilitation of personal development training globally, on request.

Lived experience is at the centre of my passion for improving well-being. My worldviews embrace an integrative approach that is individual and holistic.

Born in Christchurch, I have been fortunate to have travelled fairly extensively and had many adventures! When not spending wonderful times with friends and family, I am planning the next hike which is often right on my doorstep.

Reviewing my work life balance was more than stopping overworking.

It was about addressing relationships with others, working through past traumas and getting to a place of feeling gratitude for each day. Easier said than done but I having had the experience of seriously compromised health, I got to explore what is possible to help you move forward. The journey I have undertaken enables me to relate on many levels, to those seeking to better their own well-being.

I live my best life, using all the goodness I have soaked up in my life time. Equally, I honour my ancestry and its influences.

I am a great networker and call on connections in my global and local communities to expand on what is possible in the world of wellness. I love shared passion for people’s well-being, and that of our planet.

I often visualise a bush/sea location that’s a truly restful, healing place for all in nature. I am passionate about co-creating something that is different to current retreat and respite offerings – a safe, accessible and nurturing place, with many therapeutic offerings. To build on that, I took a gap year in 2022 and went to many healing places in Europe looking at different ways wellness can be delivered. I continue to evolve this knowing it’s no small undertaking and I am not alone in my vision. I would love to hear from you if this sparks your interest.

Continuous Professional Development

  • Professional member of Reflexology NZ, and Southern Reflexology Group
  • Diploma in Reflexology & Relaxation Massage (Canterbury College of Natural Medicine) –2006
  • Reiki Levels I & II – 2005 – Master Cathy Cremen
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology (SMART Level 1) – 2005 – Sharon Stathis
  • Exercise Nutrition – 2008 – Dr. Nick Kimber
  • Diploma level training in Aquarian Healing Method – 2008 – Robin Rodgers
  • TCM with Reflexology – 2009 – Sue Ehinger
  • Gawler Cancer Healing & Wellbeing Programme – 2009 – Canlive Trust
  • ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 2009
  • Facilitation Skills Training – 2010 – Well Beyond Recovery
  • Intentional Peer Support Training 2010/11 – Comcare
  • Bioregulatory Medicine – 2010 – 2020 – Brauer Professional, Bio Practica
  • Practitioner Certificate in Indian Head Massage 2012 (NZ School of IHM)
  • Natural Medicine Degree (1 st year completed) 2017 – South Pacific College AKL
  • Intuitive Entrepreneur – 2018/19 – Rebecca Davison
  • Evolved Leadership – 2018 – Sally Anderson
  • Bring IT! Teacher Training & Mentoring – 2020-2022 – Jamie Catto
  • Hedonic Calendaring – 2022- Jamie Wheal
I also spend my time enjoying all things musical, planning an adventure, and the next learning experience. I believe volunteering and contributing to community makes the world go round.

Packhorse Hut, Banks Peninsula

Lake Daniells, Maruia

A self-care junkie, I have a treatment of some kind each week. My most favourite relaxation therapy is floatation tank therapy.

And I love music, dancing and having fun.

He enjoys true leisure and has time to improve his soul’s estate.

Henry David Thoreau – American philosopher