All in all, the best massage and homeopathy retreat in town!

I have been visiting Shell for regular massages for over ten years now and I so look forward to walking into her studio to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

Massage is really important for me as it helps me maintain my functioning as a person who has cerebral palsy.

Shell is so skilled at treating my tired and aching muscles to enable me to carry on with my busy lifestyle. I appreciate the fact that Shell also has a range of natural remedies and techniques that we discuss, and I use to keep myself healthy and well.

Richard B

I have been regularly visiting the wonderful, tranquil and peaceful haven that is Reflexable for eight years, as I fly short, medium and long haul multiple times per month with work, which is physically very demanding.

I have a wonderful partnership with Shell, whereby I have a two-hour relaxation massage on a monthly basis to relieve the rigours of travel. Each session is tailored to where I am on the day of the treatment, so other modalities from Shell’s repertoire are included as required.

Following the treatment, I am always uplifted and totally relaxed.

Trevor McBain

If you are looking for a new wellbeing partner to join you on your journey to a more levelled and pain-free life, Shell is the ideal practitioner.

I absolutely recommend going to see Shell and get some ‘you’ time.

I love going to see Shell – from the greeting, to the gorgeous relaxing room at the end of the garden it feels like a real escape.
I feel Shell is quite intuitive and is able to sense how I’m feeling and what I might need. She’s also proven to be a fantastic sounding board when I’ve had to deal with family or colleagues with mental health and the challenges that brings.

There isn’t much support available for people who support others in crisis so being able to chat to Shell and get some great advice takes a lot of pressure off me.


Shell introduced me to the wonders of Reflexology about 8/9 years ago. I began seeing her during my lengthy bid to become pregnant.

Throughout several rounds of IVF and all that is associated with that, I got so much out of my sessions with Shell. Each one is an emotional lift, induces quality sleep and helps realign whatever is out of kilter inside. Shell is incredibly knowledgeable, well researched and provides a solid foundation for any treatment she offers, while at the same time really listening to what I need and have recognised within my own body.

It’s a wonderful partnership and I feel no hesitation placing my well-being in her hands.

Juanita Copeland

If you are new to Reflexology or a regular, looking for a new Practitioner – look no further!!.

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