Below is a snapshot of the products I work with, both in my treatments and via consultation.

Can I find you a win for:

  • pain relief
  • gut repair
  • detoxification
  • energy increase
  • immunity
  • or mood balance?
If product is an option for you to support your wellness, you will not walk out of here confused, with 5+ items to take all at once. I see this so often and you are left wondering after the investment and weeks of waiting, if it is all actually working.

My approach is more minimalistic, and often measured, so you can see results. I want you to be sure that what you use is working for you which is why I can offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all prescribed product purchased from me. I am also able to muscle test existing products you have.

With 15 years of the best education and seeing the evidence in practice, I love what I can offer you, that may take your wellness to a whole new level.







– HEEL Products

Heel natural medicine

Made in Germany, the Heel range of products are from the global leader in scientifically-based natural medicine. They fall into the category of bio-regulatory medicine and most are clinically trialled homeopathic compounds.

Traumeel is their most well known product to support pain relief, trauma and discomfort.

Traumeel products
This is a game changer in accelerated healing recovery from falls, sprains, breaks, surgery, trauma, and any inflammatory condition.

The overall range is huge and has products for:

  • Hayfever, sinus
  • Colds, flu, immunity
  • Improving metabolism
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Gout
  • Nervous stress and sleep
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Liver support

Shingles to sciatica, ask me if I have something that could support you.

Products come in alcohol-free ampoules, tablets, alcohol based drops, creams, gel and sprays.

I have been working with this range for a number of years and am impressed with the results. There are very few contraindications and you can take most of these alongside medication. I encourage you to share that you are taking any product with other health professionals.


Rejuva Sleep Forte
I am able to offer you a 10% discount for all on line ordering so your products come straight to your door.

Book a consultation with me or if you are an existing client, talk to me at your next wellness session as some of these are via prescription only.

Here are just some of the brands I can access:

  • Absolute Essentials
  • Artemis Tea
  • Amazonia Raw
  • Basica
  • BioCeuticals
  • BioGaia
  • Bio-Practica
  • BioMedica
  • Diasporal
  • Harkers Herbals
  • Orthoplex
  • Pure by Phytocare
  • Salvestrols
  • Schuessler Cell Salts



Sourced organically where possible, Zurma based here in Christchurch, are my preferred supplier. They provide me with a diverse selection of aromatherapy oils for tailoring to your treatment and enhancing any after-care.

They have a full range of aromatherapy oils from lemon to sandalwood, and some great blends such as Positive (lavender, bergamot and geranium).

No one should be without lavender as the best multi-purpose first-aid oil, nor tea tree. Using these oils at home or work has a multitude of benefits, so ask me how you can best use and purchase essential oils.

I often carry stock of a few essential oils but I encourage you to buy off them directly #supportlocal


I use the Perfect Potion Chakra oil range for all treatments involving chakra balancing, and for some reflexology sessions.

These oils are highly synergistic with a minimum of five oils used in each of the seven blends. Beautifully presented and divine on the senses, these are premium and available for retail purchase as individual oils or as a beautiful boxed set of 7 complete with an information booklet.

I also use the Five Elements and Three Dosha oils. I have reflexology training in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda. We are sensory beings, and colours, words and smells can appeal in connecting to your needs, and the overall treatment design. I may dowse to see what the priority is, or you can choose.

Aromatherapy Perfect Potion



I use the Pure FX range from Aurora Massage Supplies in Kaiapoi. These balms are carrier oil based with beeswax, arnica and Vitamin E as the primary ingredients.

Rich and emollient, they are further enhanced with essential oils such as the most popular Muscle Rub (Lemongrass and Ginger), or the Women’s Blend (Frankincense, Bergamot, Lavender and more). I can make up something to suit on request.

I use their paraben-free anti-inflammatory cream loaded with peppermint and other oils for your aches and pains.


If you have sensitive skin, any treatment can be done with organic golden jojoba oil.

Prized for its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is the best I can offer you to enrich your skin and reduce irritation and redness.

Amla oil or jojoba oil are available and optional for Indian Head Massage.

Organic rosehip oil is my preference to use for scarring and for the face. I can show you how to use the oil and some techniques, to improve scar tissue healing, especially post-caesarean and other surgeries.


These are my go to products for areas that are in need of balance whether stress, inflammation, emotions or hormones.

Superior in my experience to rescue remedy, the Genesis range has discreet drop/spray bottles that are chakra specific for emotional balancing. Significantly reduced anxiety and seeing panic attacks halt are some of the greatest outcomes with these.

Organo Adrenostress is the biggest seller and people share they find it really effective to support tough / anxious times. There are Past Trauma Recover drops and a Post-Trauma spray.

Tranquiplex has shown itself to be helpful for that high energy child or teenager who also has angst and trouble switching off.

There are various organ support products in the range for:

  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Liver support
  • Menopause
  • Pancreas
  • Thyroid

With all the bio-regulatory medicine, consultation time is required to determine the best product for you. Testing via kinesiology or looking at your pH will guide the best fit.

N.B. A number of the – Heel & Medicine Tree products contain alcohol and some are tissue based. I will check in with you should we discuss product to ensure you have no conflict with this.

Other reasons to see Shell

I know I have some of the best products available as other practitioners go ‘where did you get THAT from‘.

I am often told from product buyers throughout the country that they found what they were looking for from me online ( -Heel & Medicine Tree Range).

Check out more here – The Experience.

I can do Skype consultations by arrangement.

I am committed to excellence in what I do and am always continuing my education and evolving.

I absolutely love what I do! Have you checked out my WHY?

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