A wellness consultation is our moment to connect via conversation
and see what it means to you to be well.

This is very individual whether addressing the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual layers.

Can we work together to reduce your stress and create strategies to support sustained change?

How is your sleep? If it isn’t great, do you have the support to improve it?

How are your relationships with others? Do you love what you do?

Do you have any -itis? What I mean by that is any inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, bursitis, cystitis?

I see the benefits of committing to

  • regular relaxation,
  • detoxification,
  • and attention to gut health.
Stress, medications and environmental toxin load all impact our systems and present themselves as symptoms.

Gut health is all the rage and it seems we are truly more sensitive to our environment and foods, with inflammatory and skin conditions giving us messages.

Diet/ nutrition is of course a huge part of our lifestyle that often needs addressing, as are our relationships with others. These are just some of the aspects that may be considered, in your overall wellness planning.

The outcome of the Wellness Consultation will be an agreed plan of action taking you forward.

It is important that you know I work in with all models of health and fully support you working in with all other health professionals. If you think you are not getting the best out of any aspect of your health, then I can assist you in asking questions that may need to be asked, or with referrals.

For a glimpse of what you can access via a consultation, go to Products page.

It’s very much about a wellness partnership and working together to move you towards where you want to be. I recommend this as the place to start with me.

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.
Lily Tomlin – American actress

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